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Sandra is a Colombian attorney from the University - Santiago de Cali, with a Master's degree in Public International Law, from Heidelberg University in Germany. Her qualifications, experience and commitment provides an invaluable support to international clients, especially the Expat community who require advice that is effective, flexible and personalized within her expertise areas: Foreign Investment, Real Estate, Colombian visas and immigration, Foreign exchange, Corporate, Formation of corporations, Wills, Prenups, Civil and Notary law.


Sandra´s profile, her knowledge, skills and human qualities, enable her to ensure prompt service, with a commitment of excellence in any part of Colombia. Sandra provides comprehensive and integrated legal services that offer an expansive legal support, tailored to the needs of each client. Foreign investors, who require far-reaching assistance for new or ongoing projects, will find Sandra an invaluable ally.


She offers a consultancy with the highest standards of quality and efficiency. With a portfolio personalized to your profile, needs and projections, Sandra will enable you to make timely decisions regarding your foreign investment in Colombia. Her unwavering commitment to excellence allows her to provide specialized services that give you the opportunity to leave your legal processes in expert hands.


It is Sandra's guarantee that she will attend to your needs and requirements in a professional, effective, efficient and timely manner. She especially prides herself on being specialist of Expat Services, all things to protect your investments in Colombia.

Law Books
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