Don't End Up with this Property in Colombia !

The Do's and Don'ts of Buying Poperty in Colombia

Do :

1) use a real estate agent or agency that is use to dealing with expats.

2) hire a bilingual lawyer who is use to dealing with foreign buyers.

3) have all of your paperwork in order before coming to Colombia - passport, 6 months of bank statements, last year's tax return, letter of reference from your accountant and possibly bank manager.

Don't :

1) use a wanna be real estate agent. Everyone in Colombia knows someone with a property for sale. Caveat Emptor - it is very easy to be mislead on a number of fronts.

2) transfer your funds to a friend's or for that matter - a stranger's bank account.

3) expect to get a mortgage. Most foreigner's do not qualify. Have your funds in place and ready to be transfered. Credit is much cheaper outside of Colombia.

Not Real Estate Medellin

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